Terminologi dalam Electrosurgery

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Active Electrode

An electrosurgical instrument or accessory that concentrates the electric (therapeutic) current at the surgical site.

Bipolar Electrosurgery

Electrosurgery where current flows between two electrodes that are positioned around tissue to create a surgical effect (usually desiccation). Current passes from one electrode, through the desired tissue, to another electrode, thus completing the circuit without entering any other part of the patient’s body.

Capacitive Coupling

The condition that occurs when electrical current is transferred from one conductor (the active electrode), through insulating materials, into adjacent conductive materials.


The path along which electricity flows.


The electrosurgical effect that causes cells to rupture and allow their interstitial fluid to cool over a vessel to achieve hemostasis.


The number of electrons moving past a given point per second, measured in amperes (A).


The electrosurgical effect that results from high current density in the tissue causing cellular fluid to burst into steam and disrupt the structure Voltage is low and current flow is high.

Direct Coupling

The condition that occurs when one electrical conductor (the active electrode) comes into direct contact with another secondary conductor (scopes, graspers). Electrical current will flow from the first conductor into the secondary one and energize it.


The passage of high frequency electrical current through tissue to create a desired clinical effect.


Using electrical arcs (sparks) to coagulate tissue. The sparks jump from the electrode across an air gap to the tissue.

Insulation Failure

The condition that occurs when the insulation barrier around an electrical conductor is breached As a result, current will travel outside the intended circuit.

Isolated Output

The output of an electrosurgical generator that is not referenced to earth (ground).

Monopolar Electrosurgery

A surgical procedure in which only the active electrode is in the surgical wound; electrosurgery that directs current through the patient’s body and requires the use of a patient return electrode.

Patient Return Electrode

A plate or pad (dispersive electrode) that recovers the therapeutic current from the patient during electrosurgery and returns it to the electrosurgical generator.

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