SonoScape SSI-6000, Professional 3D/4D Imaging

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The SSI-6000 is a SonoScape's new generation middle-range color Doppler system that delivers value in each ultrasonic diagnostic activity. The great edge of this machine stems from the super image quality of 2D imaging resolution and color sensitivity.

It is also configured with a lot of up-to-date technologies, such as THI, TDI, M-tuning, micro-scan imaging technology, standard 3D imaging and optional 4D imaging, so the SSI-6000 is a professional choice for all the doctors.


  • 4D Volume Real-time: Multi Slice, Clip Plane, Cine Review, Trace Cut
  • Up to 280dB dynamic range
  • THI Technology with Five Variable Frequency
  • Digital Beam Forming (Channles 1024 up to)
  • Backlite keyboard & 10 keys for quick OB Measurement
  • Clipboard function for quick patient image capture and review
  • Real-time Flow Volume, TDI, CM, AMM, Panoramic
  • Steer M-mode with 3 sample lines packcage
  • Trapezoid 20 degree
  • Frame Rate 750/sec
  • M-Tuning one-key image optimization
  • Clip-board function
  • ECG Module Built-in
  • Latest Linear Probe: L752, 15-4.5 Mhz/R52mm (256 element)
  • Latest Bi-plane Probe: BCL10-5 (192 element)