KONIX ECG Gel 250 ml

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KONIX ECG Gel 250 ml
SKU: EG-001

Used in electrodes without gel, ECG latches and pendant switches in any ECG and exertion applications. Allows ECG waves to be transferred to the device in a lucid manner.  it is used all kind of ecg and effort applications gel-free electrode,ecg latch and pursuit ensure that the ecg waves are clearly transferred to the equipment.

Usage fields

  • all sort of ultrasound, ecg and efrort applications
  • all sort of slim and depilation equipments in conductivity



  • hypoallergenic, non-irritating
  • water soluble, non-staining easily cleanable
  • free from formaldehyde and salt
  • no toxic effects
  • produced completely harmless material
  • non odorous
  • vacuum treated production
  • non-damageable to the probe
  • do not contain air bubble