ORTHO™ Workstation

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ORTHO™ Workstation
ORTHO™ WorkstationORTHO™ WorkstationORTHO™ Workstation
SKU: 6904629

Introducing the new ORTHO™ Workstation – the only compact 2 in 1 blood testing system with reliable Ortho BioVue® Column Agglutination Technology (CAT)

  • Simple to use combined centrifuge and incubator
  • Uses Ortho BioVue® cassettes, featuring proprietary Column Agglutination Technology
  • Designed with the environment in mind

Precision & accuracy

  • Uses proven reliable BioVue® Cassettes
    • Clear, stable, well-defined end points
    • Objective interpretation of results
  • Five minute centrifuge cycle time
  • Validated system of BioVue® Casssette with centrifuge & incubator

Convenient, compact 2 in 1 ORTHO™ Workstation

  • Integrated system of BioVue® CAT cassettes, centrifuge and incubator
  • Light weight - just under 11kg
  • Small footprint for space-constrained labs
  • Labs can standardize on one technology

Ease of Use

  • Language-neutral icons
  • Enhanced alarm systems*
  • Improved cassette incubator design for rapid loading & unloadingof BioVue® Cassettes*
  • Easy to perform centrifuge QC using a tachometer
  • Quick access to holding area for centrifuge balance-cassette

Improved Process Controls

  • Incubator temperature monitoring with visual indicator
  • Unique beeping pattern to indicate cycle completion
  • Enhanced error code intelligence for troubleshooting
  • Quiet centrifuge with translucent panels for visual monitoring

Designed with the environment in mind

  • Reduction in device weight by 47% *
  • Reduction in external packaging by 53%*
  • Reduction in Reference Guide size by 95%*
  • Packaged in an innovative, re-usable multi-purpose lab bag
Dimension (W×H×D): 
575 mm (22.64 inches) x 220 mm (8.66 inches) x 325 mm (12.80 inches)
10.89 kg (24 lb)
100 – 240 V~, 50/60 Hz, single phase (Input auto-senses voltage/current, no manual selection required), 150VA