VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System

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VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System
SKU: 6802445

The VITROS® 4600 System delivers:

  • High quality chemistry analysis leveraging proven, easy-to-use, self-monitoring VITROS® technologies
  • Disposable, single-use tip design, which eliminates carryover
  • Extended calibration times
  • Minimal required maintenance enhancing availability
  • User interface and reagent packaging standardized with other VITROS® Systems
  • A broad menu of state-of-the-art assays
  • Configurable reference ranges
  • Adjustable thresholds for onboard inventories, calibration expirations and diluents volumes

Enabling Technologies

The VITROS® 4600 System leverages four of our patented core enabling technologies to maximize patient result quality, ease of use and productivity.

  • VITROS® MicroSlide Technology delivers high-quality results with a 95% reportable resultefficiency* —minimizing operator interventions and maximizing ease of use.
  • VITROS® MicroTip Technology provides special chemistry menu offerings and user-defined assays in acost-effective, easily implemented format.
  • VITROS® MicroSensor Technology secures results quality and controls costs by automatically detecting and flagging endogenous interferences without compromising result turnaround orsystem operations workflow.
  • VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology delivers real-time process monitoring with fully documented traceability to minimize the risk of erroneous result reporting.

Single-Use Tip Design and Configurable Reference Ranges

A key VITROS® 4600 System performance feature is the system’s disposable, single-use tip design, which eliminates carryover to improve result quality.

In addition, configurable reference ranges account for seven demographic attributes, which offers greater specificity to improve result evaluation and trending within peer groups.

Extended Calibration Timesand Adjustable Thresholds

Extended calibration means a more productive and cost contained chemistry system. Also, the system offers adjustable thresholds for onboard inventories, calibration expirations and diluents volumes, which will help boost productivity while enabling you to tailor the instrument to your lab’s workflow.

Standardized User Interface

Also, the VITROS® 4600 System features a newly standardized user interface, which simplifies operation and improves sample integrity traceability. Moreover, if you plan on having more than one of the x600 Systems in your labor across your network, this standardized interface will streamline training and resource flexibility.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics surrounds the purchase of the VITROS® 4600 System or any VITROS® System with world-class technical support specialists, expert field service engineers and laboratory specialists plus global hotline support in over 20 languages, to ensure a perfect VITROS® fit with your laboratory.

In addition, VITROS® customers can access:


Our technical team can monitor your system online through a secure, real-time, two-way connection. Our Predictive Technology identifies potential issues and dispatches engineers—often before you even know there’s a problem. The result is timely resolution that minimizes unplanned downtime.

Customizable Training

From start-up training to ongoing education, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics provides proven knowledge transfer that gets your staff up to speed quickly and effectively. Our training programs have received an outstanding satisfaction rating and feature classroom, onsite, and online options to suit your needs.

Process Excellence (PEx®)

PEx® is a systematic approach to quality and operational improvement. We propose services around the globe leveraging the methods of PEx® —including Six Sigma and Lean Design — to help your lab consistently reduce costs, maximize resources, expand capacity and improve quality.

Maximum theoretical throughput is up to 845 tests per hour
Sample Types: 
Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Whole Blood,***
Sample Volume: 
Per assay: 2-17μL, Dead volume: minimum 35µL
Operating Modes: 
  • Colorimetric/Rate 
  • Potentiometric (direct ISEs) 
  • Immuno-rate 
  • Turbidimetric
Calibration & QC: 
Random-access calibration, Bar-coded calibrators for MicroSlide assays
Data storage: 
10,000 sample programs, 25,000 samples with ability to archive and retrieve through CD-ROM or USB flash drive
Operating Temperature Range: 
Operating humidity: 
15%-75% RH
Ergonomic flat, low-glare, LCD, 17-inch touchscreen monitor
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS): 
    • Bidirectional interface for ASTM and HL7 protocols
    • Broadcast download and Host Query
    • Results can be uploaded individually or as an entire sample or by group
  • Laboratory Automation System (LAS): 
    • AT ready at launch
    • 1 LAS interfaces, point-in-space
  • Ports: 
    • RS 232 serial ports (for LIS and LAS)
    • USB ports (for printers)
    • Ethernet ports (for e-Connectivity,™ LIS)
Peripheral Devices Keyboard: 
  • Numeric keypad on monitor 
  • Detached keyboard for maximum flexibility
Special Features: 

e-Connectivity™ Interactive System Management:

  • Using the facility’s Internet connection or DSL, VPN establishes a secure connection between system and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Technical Support to enhance troubleshooting and increase uptime
  • Automatic two-way data exchange to automatically send and retrieve data
  • Automatic download of system software updates
  • Remote connectivity provides the ability to enable remote diagnostics and remote control operation
  • Enhance uptime with predictive alerts
Dimension (W×H×D): 
2.34 m(92.2 inches) x 1.33 m(52.5 inches) x 0.84 m(33.4 inches)
640 kg/1400 pounds
1 dedicated 20 amp power line, nominal 200-240V AC , 47-63 Hz