Stat Fax 3300 Chemistry Analyzer

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  • StatFax 3300Optical system temperature controlled to 37°C
  • Bi-chromatic with 6 filters and spaces for 2 optional additional filters (340-700nm)
  • Adapts for use with 12mm round tubes, 1cm square cuvettes, or built-in flow cell
  • Vacuum system speeds sampling and reduces carry over
  • Calibration traceable to NIST standard
  • Use the optional external keyboard for easy entry of patient names and data
  • Use Redi-Check to monitor accuracy, linearity, and repeatability the easy way
  • Peltier cell cooling available as an option

StatFax 3300 flow cell

View Kinetic Plots In Real Time

Calculate kinetic results based onthe entire read time OR the segment you choose.

Stat Fax 3300 Plot

Stat Fax 3300 Stores Patient Data

  • Create a work list.
  • Run the tests.
  • Print Patient Reports.
  • Output data to:
    • On-board 40-column Thermal printer
    • External printer
    • PC and LIS.

Stat Fax 3300 Patient Data

Stat Fax 3300 Stores Control Values

... and offers many QC options to assure linear kinetics and reliable results.

Stat Fax 3300 QC

Create Levey-Jennings plots for QC

Stat Fax 3300 Stores Calibrations and Standard Curves

For each run, choose a new curve or use a stored curve with options to revert to previous curve and to modify multi-point curves.

Stat Fax 3300 Calibration Curve